Donnerstag, März 17, 2011

Friends Are Always Welcome: Superpitcher

We are proud to present our new column on Live Safer:

Friends Are Always Welcome

Offering a unique kind of hospitality, every weekend, for the last 12 years, the hosts in Robert Johnson play an important role. Picking up our guests is one part of it, taking them out, or hosting a special dinner at Club Michel, prepared by the club´s founders Sebastian or Ata, is another.
For about a year now, a photographic documentation of the time they spent with our artists has started. So far the history of our guests, the people, events and special moments in and around our club has been passed on only by word of mouth. In our new column, we would like to present a photographic insight.

Our guests: on their way from their places of arrival, to the hotel or record store - on shopping trips  (buying christmas presents at Manufaktum with Tim Sweeney), during soundcheck, in the restaurant and last but not least, in the club. After few posts, you will notice that there is a kind of recognizable pattern in our weekly procedure, due to the given conditions and logistics of the club`s workings. So it will be the people in the pictures that make the difference - they are the ones making the difference every night.

Over the years, the idea of treating our guests like friends has become a self-fullfilling prophecy.

All photographs are taken by Julia Katharina Ziegler.

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