Samstag, Juli 23, 2011

Sammy Dee's Juice Fasting

As the human has its need for a healthy living from time to time, mankind always discovers various possibilities for following this notion. First step could be to stop smoking, second teetotalism. But as this is combined with too much effort we rather add something on the top of our habits instead of resignation. So in our first entry of the Live Safer "Health & Shape" issue we present you our latest discovery of Sammy Dee's Juice Fasting experience which he presented online.

Day 01: unknown mixture

Day 02: Gazpacho

Day 03: Pinapple / Banana / Mint

Day 04: Pinnaple / Kiwi / Mint

Day 05: Blueberry Soy with a hint of Lime

to be continued...

Photographs by Sammy Dee.

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